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King Slime

King Slime (Slime #1000) is the absolute monarch of Slimes World and the ruler of all Slimes. His first price was naturally high and was pegged to the total volume traded of the Slimes collection. To collect the King, collectors had to bid an offer that is greater than 10% of the total volume of the entire Slimes collection at that point in time. King Slime was collected for 4.67Ξ. A glorious price for a glorious king.

Queen Unicorn Slime

The Queen Unicorn Slime (Slime #900), a beautiful creature, is a supreme royal authority in Slimes World, and the leader of all Unicorn Slimes. Her right-hand assistant, Bubble Angel, is a mysterious creature. The Queen created him by herself to help her make better decisions as a Slime monarch. Further than that, no information has been disclosed about the Queen yet. No one knows how to collect her or what’s her price. Bubble Angel might announce more details in the Slimes World Discord.

Devil Slime

The Devil Slime (Slime #666) played it hard to get. The only way to collect him was to submit an offer on OpenSea and guess a price that will satisfy his bloody soul. No, it wasn't Ξ0.666. Collectors had to solve the multi-step Underworld riddle to get to that magic number, while being tuned to several hints the Devil Slime dropped in the Slimes Discord channels. It took 72 hours for one bright and fast collector to solve the riddle, and they catched the Devil Slime! (Spolier: answers are here)

Unicorn Slimes

There are 32 Unicorn Slimes in the Slimes World, and they have a special superpower. The first collector of a Unicorn gets an unlockable unique code. Once a collector exchanges codes with another Unicorn Slime owner, they can match the codes. A magic will happen and both owners will get rewarded with a handsome surprise.

Flower Master

The Flower Master (Slime #250) is a one-of-a-kind Slime, the leader of all Flower Slimes. The Flower Master refuses to have an owner until Springtime, March 2022. Somewhere at that time, the Flower Master will transfer itself to a randomly chosen collector who holds a Slime with a Flower. The more Flower Slimes one holds, the higher the chances to win the Flower Master.

Unicorn Stoner Slime

The Unicorn Stoner Slime (Slime #420) was high when all the Slimes agreed on a floor price. When minted, it couldn’t recall the right price and in a classic stoner manner, it did whatever felt best to them at the moment and settled on a price of Ξ0.420. A HIGH price.